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Empower Dreams. Shape Futures.

At BenIvyEdu College Counseling, we're on a mission to guide students as they navigate the complex journey of college applications. Our success is built on passion, expertise, and a commitment to making higher education accessible to all. As we expand our services and reach, we're looking for dedicated professionals to join our growing team!

We're Hiring:

  • College Application Counselor

    • Student Assessment: Conduct assessments to understand each student's academic background, strengths, interests, and career goals. Use this information to tailor advice and strategies for high school students' four-year paths.

    • College Selection: Help students research and select colleges that match their preferences, academic profile, and career aspirations. Provide insights into colleges' admissions criteria, academic programs, and campus culture.

    • Application Guidance: Advise students on the college application process, including timelines, required documents, and application platforms (e.g., Common Application, Coalition Application).

    • Essay Assistance: Offer guidance on writing compelling personal statements and supplemental essays. Provide feedback to ensure essays are clear, engaging, and reflective of the student’s unique qualities.

    • Recommendation Letters: Advise students on whom to ask for recommendation letters and how to approach potential recommenders.

    • Testing Advice: Provide information on standardized tests (SAT, ACT) requirements, test preparation resources, and testing strategies.

    • Interview Preparation: Offer coaching for college interviews, including conducting mock interviews and advising on best practices for presenting oneself.

    • Admissions Strategy: Develop a comprehensive admissions strategy that encompasses all aspects of the application process, tailored to each student’s strengths and college goals.

    • Follow-up and Decision Support: Provide support in interpreting admissions decisions, comparing financial aid offers, and making final college selections.

  • College Application Essay Editors

    • Essay Review and Critique: Provide detailed feedback on the content, structure, and flow of college application essays. This includes identifying areas for improvement, ensuring the essay responds effectively to the prompt, and highlighting the applicant's strengths.

    • Editing and Proofreading: Correct grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Improve sentence structure, coherence, and overall readability without compromising the applicant's voice and message.

    • Strategy Development: Assist students in developing a strategic approach to their essays, including selecting compelling topics that align with their unique strengths, experiences, and the values of the target colleges.

    • Writing Guidance: Offer guidance on writing techniques that enhance storytelling, clarity, and impact. Help applicants to effectively communicate their personal stories, achievements, and aspirations.

    • Adherence to Deadlines: Work with applicants to ensure essays are completed and revised in time to meet application deadlines. This may involve managing multiple drafts and revisions under tight timelines.

  • Marketing Specialist

    • Market Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough market research to understand the needs of students and parents navigating the college application process. Identify trends in college admissions and counseling services to inform marketing strategies.

    • Brand Development: Work on building and maintaining BenIvyEdu's brand identity. Ensure consistent messaging across all platforms that highlights the firm's expertise, success rates, and unique value proposition.

    • Social Media Marketing: Design and implement social media marketing campaigns to nurture leads and keep the firm top-of-mind among potential clients. This includes crafting compelling newsletters and promotional emails.

    • Event Marketing: Coordinate and promote events such as college admissions workshops, webinars, and information sessions. These events serve as both educational resources for families and marketing opportunities for the firm.

    • Client Relations: Engage with potential clients through various channels, providing information and answering inquiries about the firm's services. Foster positive relationships to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

Why Join BenIvyEdu?

  • Impact Lives: Make a tangible difference in the lives of students and families, guiding them towards bright educational futures.

  • Collaborative Environment: Work alongside a team of passionate experts committed to educational excellence and innovation.

  • Professional Growth: Benefit from opportunities for professional development in the dynamic field of educational counseling.

  • Flexible Work Options: Enjoy the flexibility of remote work options and adaptable schedules to suit your lifestyle.

  • Competitive Compensation: Receive a competitive salary and benefits package, recognizing your expertise and contributions.

About You:

  • Great experience in college admission planning or college application essay editing

  • A track record of coaching high school students succeed in gaining admission to top universities

  • Passionate about education and empowering others

  • Skilled communicator with a supportive approach

Apply Today!

Ready to make a difference? Join us at BenIvyEdu, where your work shapes the futures of the next generation. Please send your resume to

Empower. Guide. Succeed. Together, we can transform futures.

Innovative Counseling Programs Tracking Records of Positive Outcomes

Business Proposal

Comprehensive Counseling

Comprehensive and unlimited counseling support brainstorming, essay review, school list selection, resume editing, mock interviews, recommendation letters, acting as a liaison between school and parents,  regular visits to resident students and tracking students learning progress etc.

Tutoring Session


Our counselors are experienced parents with a tracking record of advising students admitted to T5 colleges. We support students applying for private high school and summer camp. We care for our students and act as a liaison between overseas parents and schools. 

Team work

Team-Driven Approach

Your counselor collaborates with the entire BenIvy team to ensure effective guidance toward your goals. Engaging direct communication with college students or graduates from Top 5 colleges ensure to expand your mind and vision, while also fostering motivation for your academic interests. 

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