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Essays, Resumes, and Interviews

Everyone knows that having a high GPA, strong standardized test scores, and engaging in extracurricular activities are crucial for college applications. But do you know how significant the impact of your personal essays is on your application?


Top-tier schools tend to adopt a holistic review strategy when assessing students. At these esteemed colleges, many applicants already excel academically and in extracurriculars, which make the essay a vital means of differentiating candidates. If you're a 'borderline' candidate with good, a compelling essay could push you into the “Admit” column, if executed properly.

During each application season, with thousands of applications flooding in, the first-round reviewers at universities have just a few minutes to sift through applicants. Subsequent admissions officers must then, often in a short span of time, review and evaluate different candidates before selecting the fortunate few. Most of these reviewers and admissions officers come from humanities degree backgrounds, which magnifies the importance of the essay as a pivotal factor when candidates are closely matched.

Regrettably, each year, exceptionally bright students sometimes face disappointment. Why? One major reason is that many students stumble into various fatal pitfalls with their essays. Some write essays that sound overly technical, using the language of science or engineering, while others fail to grasp the American culture and inadvertently create narratives that resonate only with themselves.

At BenIvy, our essay counseling instructors possess exceptional brainstorming abilities and innovative thinking skills. They excel at identifying the shining qualities of average students and tailoring unique ideas, coupled with emotionally resonant language, to best convey the themes of their essays based on each student's attributes and the distinct requirements of various schools. While guiding students through the essay process, we also offer resume editing and one-on-one mock interview. At every step of the application process, we meticulously review and provide steadfast support to students, ensuring they navigate their journey with utmost support!

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