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Lantern Festival

  BenIvy Supported Lunar Festival Gala       at  Westborough, MA

  Gave Away Free SAT & AP books


  BenIvy Supported Spring Festival   Gala   at Southborough, MA


Dollar Notes

 Qualification of financial aid

 How to calculate financial aid

 Updated FAFSA information

 Case study of financial aid  

  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 2/1/2024

New York City

 How to get into top finance firms

 Selection criteria of full ride scholarship


  Webinar at 8:30PM EST 12/27/2023

Job interview

 Effectively plan 4-year's high school   activities

 Fully utilize summer time


  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 12/12/2023

 Application tips from a Harvard student

 ED, REA, EA and RD?

 How to write activity lists in Common   App

 How to write compelling personal essay   and supplemental essays

  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 10/20/2023

 Unlocking success in crafting top-tier   university application essays

 Experience from a U. Chicago student

 Webinar at 9:00PM EST 9/1/2023

Giving a Lecture

 Application experience share by a   Harvard student and a Princeton     student

  List of main activities that made them     standout 

 Webinar at 9:00PM EST 8/4/2023

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Teacher on Board

  Analyze College Common Data Set

  High School Profile Example

  Student Story: Princeton

  FAQ: Do I have to do volunteer services?

  Webinar at 9:00PM EST 3/5/2024

  FAQ about college applications

  Plan your high school effectively


  Webinar at 9:00PM EST 2/20/2024

Library Books

  FAQ about college applications

  Plan your high school effectively

  Common misconceptions 


  Webinar at 8:30PM EST 2/5/2024


 A journey of parenting from a Stanford   mom

 How to provide comprehensive support


  Webinar at 8:30PM EST 1/18/2024

 What candidates are Stanford looking   for

 Tips to write Stanford essays

 How to plan summer activities  

  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 12/17/2023

College Friends

 Selective US summer camps

 Application materials for summer   camps

 Write compelling essays


  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 12/9/2023

 High school planning and college   application experience from Dr. Shang

  Webinar at 8:00PM EST 10/1/2023


 Selection criteria of merit-based   scholarship

 List of top colleges providing full ride

 Webinar at 9:00PM EST 8/18/2023

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