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In recent years, the admission rates of the major universities in the United States have hit new lows year after year. The admission rates of top-tier universities have dropped to 3%-7%. Talented and outstanding young people from all around the world have joined the fiercely competitive path of applying to these universities. Each year, schools receive a flurry of application materials like snowflakes. How to make sure admission officers notice you among tens of thousands of applicants is an extremely challenging task.

Currently, many parents and students have significant misconceptions about applying to American schools. These misconceptions lead to a large number of top-performing students being rejected by their dream schools every year, and some students even fail to secure admission from any school. While most parents complain about the unfairness of admissions, they overlook or perhaps are unaware of a fact: other admitted students have more impressive accomplishments, and the planning and preparation of those students over the past few years have been more thorough and targeted.

At BenIvy, we are dedicated to uncovering children's interests and talents. We provide comprehensive planning tailored to students in middle and high school, as well as college students. This enables them to stand on a higher platform and progress towards their dream schools as early as possible.

Innovative Counseling Programs Tracking Records of Positive Outcomes

Business Proposal

Comprehensive Counseling

Comprehensive and unlimited counseling support brainstorming, essay review, school list selection, resume editing, mock interviews, recommendation letters, acting as a liaison between school and parents,  regular visits to resident students and tracking students learning progress etc.

Tutoring Session


Our counselors are experienced parents with a tracking record of advising students admitted to T5 colleges. We support students applying for private high school and summer camp. We care for our students and act as a liaison between overseas parents and schools. 

Team work

Team-Driven Approach

Your counselor collaborates with the entire BenIvy team to ensure effective guidance toward your goals. Engaging direct communication with college students or graduates from Top 5 colleges ensure to expand your mind and vision, while also fostering motivation for your academic interests. 

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